Wagner Ranch is a third generation owned and operated family farm overlooking the Adirondack mountains in Addison County, Vermont. The Wagners are currently offering grain finished & grass fed beef as well as pork and poultry products.

Our Farm

The Wagners with a calf

Our beef is rotationally pasture grazed throughout the summer and fed crops grown on the farm all winter. We have won several awards at state and local fairs for our alfalfa (legume) hay, grass hay, baleage, and soy beans. We sell hay in square and round bales.

The Wagner Ranch mission is to produce high quality, natural meats in a locally sustainable way. We encourage the community to learn where and how their food is grown. Folks are invited to tour the farm at any time to see first hand how our operation works. In a time of fast food and mass production it is important to remember the connection between farming and eating. We currently supply quality ground beef and stew meat to the local school for their lunch program and are working to encourage farm to school programs for lunches at several schools.

Wagner Ranch is a proud supporter of the Vermont Beef Producers Association, of which Phil Wagner is the Vice President.

Phil with Cows on Path

Purchasing Beef

Wagner Beef can be purchased as individual cuts (listed below) and as a whole, half or a quarter. All individual cuts are processed at a Vermont inspected processing plant, flash frozen and vacuum sealed (cryvaced), and labeled.

Individual Cuts
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The Angus Beef Quarter is being offered for $650. This represents a savings of approximately $150 over the retail price of cuts purchased individually. A quarter contains roughly 100 to 120lb of meat. Each cut is individually wrapped in clear, labeled, USDA inspected cryo-vacuum sealed packages. Boxed the quarter fits into a space measuring approximately 3.8 cubic feet (23" x 21.25" x 13.5") and contains Steaks (20 to 25 steaks from cube steak to rib eye), Roasts (3 to 6 types of roasts), Hamburger (about 40 packages weighing 1 to 1.3lb each), Stew meat (approximately 5 packages) and Ribs (1 to 3 packages of short ribs).

Porter House

Angus Beef Quarter


Purchasing Pork

Wagner Pork can be purchased as individual cuts (listed below) and as a whole or a half. All individual cuts are processed at a Vermont inspected processing plant, cryovaced, and labeled.

Individual Cuts
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